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01 November 2009 @ 06:39 pm
Got my radio up again! Feel free to drop in a listen!


Feel free to drop me a request on twitter @sakurakessho

</b>All done!

Stay tuned for next time!</b>
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21 October 2009 @ 05:32 pm
Yeah guys, we're still down.

All that's happened is that our host, sarah_the_crab forgot to renew the domain. We're waiting on support to get back to her.

If you wanna keep abreast of updates feel free to follow me or harukakamiya on twitter.


01 April 2009 @ 09:24 am
You step into a hospital room. A rather cheery looking one with yellow paint on the walls. The cheeriness is taken away by the monotone sound of the EKG machine with its constant beeps to let you know that the person attached to it is somehow still breathing.

The doctors all agree that this rare occurance is called: internetus imobius. In other words, someone who has gone into a coma from not being able to access the internet. Hopefully, the person attached to the machines will snap out of this. But.. no one is very hopeful.

07 March 2009 @ 11:22 pm
Yes.. We're down.

Remember, we're hosted by sarah_the_crab of some_day_music. So when she's down we are too.

Dammit, just as I was backing things up

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21 January 2009 @ 04:27 pm

Got a new wordpress all set up. We're still missing a few of our trademark guides. But its nothing that won't get put back up in time. :)

It seems like everything's handling well. So I'm gonna open it up to you guys and let you guys have at it. And don't worry, the releases from the past two weeks have already been posted and have direct downloads for you guys.

Be sure and tell any friends that you recommended to m&m that we've moved, and if they ask why just point them to the public entries here in the comm.

I'd also love to give a really big and really huge shout out to sarah_the_crab (famous for some_day_music). She's graciously donated hosting to us until my finances are straight enough (yuck, emergencies and brothers moving out) so that I can get my own hosting once again.

New Url:

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14 January 2009 @ 06:55 pm
Well here's what's been going on. Besides my head feeling like it may split apart.

Thanks to the ever lovely sarah_the_crab we're working on a brand spanking new wordpress. She's gonna let us host there for a while. And while she says to stay as long as you like, you guys can be mighty big leechers. So I'm gonna work extra hard to get our own hosting back again, just under a different company.

Most of all though a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to all of you who are supporting us. I cannot tell you how much of a motivator it is.

So if you have any friends in m&m, shout it out that m&m ain't dead by no means. And, hopefully, within a week we'll be back at wordpress.

What changes can you expect on the new wordpress?

Well for one, it'll be faster. This isn't Dreamhost anymore, so the hosting is tons faster. And as always if you have Google Gears installed and enabled for our m&m wordpress, then it'll be even faster.

It'll also have a new layout, duh. I'm having fun experimenting with widgets.

I don't think I'll be doing any discographies that will be directly hosted. We'll code them and put them up but they may just have Megaupload and/or Mediafire links. I'm still debating. As I said, you guys can be leechers and I do not want to use up all of Sarah's bandwidth.

That's it for the time being. If you have any questions or such you wanna ask please do so here or email me at silvertsukuyomi [@] gmail [.] com - I'll try my best to answer them.

Here's a small preview for you guys: (we're already starting to crosspost this past week's and last week's entries and the pvs I had uploaded just before!)
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13 January 2009 @ 06:40 pm
In short. We got TOS'd.

I'm pissed because the hosting company won't let me on there to get anything I need off there. And any attempts to contact them have been more or less ignored.

So I'm through with that hosting company. If you guys donated to the site, email me with the same email you used for the paypal and I'll see about a refund, if you really need it. I appreciate everything you guys did to help us run m&m. Keep in mind though that the refunds will come out of my own personal pocket, so it could take awhile as I get paid about once a month. My next payday will be on February 3.

m&m is by no means dead. Let me state that very very plainly. I love m&m as if it were my own child. So we will be completely reborn. And we will for at least the next week, be back to using the old m&m and free file hosts. The two file hosts we'll use exclusively are Mediafire and Megaupload.

Any questions, comments, concerns need to be made on this post.
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02 April 2008 @ 08:36 pm
I'm here to give you some (maybe?) exiting news! Or at least, exiting perhaps for newbies. We've officially and completely made the move over to our wonderful Wordpress and have cleaned out all (we think...) the server links from the LJ comm and moved them to the wordpress. Therefore, we decided to Open Membership for this LJ comm so people can take advantage of the Megaupload links. That means, all you have to do to join the comm is hit the "join" button on the userinfo. That's it! No emailing, no commenting on the release list every month, just pure and utter leeching. I know you're all cheering right now, but a few things:

•Since we've made the move to wordpress, the only times the moderators will post in this community is the occasional list of the last month's releases and links to their entries on the wordpress. We may post reminders and so on as well, but for all intents and purposes, the comm is pretty much retired and all new releases are posted on the new comm.

•That doesn't mean you're not welcome to post stuff/request here. We'd prefer you to join and post music at the new comm, and post requests on the tagboard over there, but we aren't going to make you. You're more than welcome to post what you want here.

•LEECH those MU links to your hearts content! We always appreciate comments, but we certainly don't require them for backup links. You are also welcome to spread those links around to others, though we'd appreciate you either linking them here, or at least telling them where they came from/who uploaded them. Credit is usually in the MU link as well (saku=sakurakessho, sd=scarreddragon, and mienai=meinaikitsune).

•And that's it. Feel free to comment here with questions or what have you, check out the awesome new wordpress, and enjoy!