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Music and More - A JPop Sharing Community

Feel the Love and Share the JPop...

Music And More - a jpop music community
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the newest jpop releases this side of LJ

Welcome to music_and_more! We've changed things up a lot in 2008, so please read the rules and info before joining so you know how things work!


  • Joining the comm is simple! Click here and hit "okay" and you're in! Then, read the Newbie Post detailing the workings of the comm in addition to the rules on this page.

  • We've officially moved this community to our Wordpress site here. However, we still have a HUGE amount of Megaupload links that are around in the tags, and every month we post a list of the new releases that were posted to wordpress the previous month so you can find them easily. Our wordpress doesn't do RSS feeds (unless you have firefox), so you'll have to join over there, but at least joining here is easy!

  • If something is expired, request a reupload on the tagboard, not in the comments in the entry. The only exception to this is if it has been uploaded by someone other than one of the mains. Obviously we're no longer posting the server links here, so that will be megaupload links you're requesting re-ups of, or finding it over in the new comm.

  • Before requesting please read through the Request Guidelines and the Tags Page.

  • Tags have been implemented into this community; please use them. That can be better explained - after you've joined the community here. We've reached our limit of 1000, which is part of the reason we moved, so if you can't find an artist check the tag "tag limit"; there may be more we weren't able to tag.

  • Since we aren't posting much here anymore, we encourage anyone who wants to actively participate in the community, including uploading and requesting, to join the wordpress account. You can still post here on LJ, but no guarantee we'll be around to see it/fulfill it if it is a request/etc.

  • We have a sister community, jdisc that houses all of our discographies and basically keeps them organized for us. We're slowly deleting the server links from that comm too, but it is still closed to most as we haven't finished. All discs are posted with server links at the wordpress, so it really isn't an issue. We'll let you know when we open jdisc up..


Interesting Links:
Alternatives to YSI
YesAsia - a good place to support your favorite artist by buying their cds!
CDjapan.co.jp - another great lace to support your favorite j-artists!
The Oricon Ranking! - Go and see where your favorite artists rank!
wiki.ThePPN.org - a j-music wiki. The best resource out there for any english speaking j-music fan! If a page doesn't exist on the wiki then you can join theppnwiki and request the artist as long as you give them the artist's official site!

a good place to host things you'd like to share!

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contact your friendly neighborhood mod if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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